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10 things IT students should do in college

I have been a college student myself and I there were some things I wish I did during my college years. So, I made a list of things that I did and should have done when I was still in college. Here are some tips to that better prepare you on your current and future IT face-offs.

  1. Work Smart. Working hard is good, but working smart is better. It lets you do more tasks in an efficient manner. The way you think and the gadgets you use are enablers for working smart. I don’t recommend you to buy expensive gadgets though. There are free apps and software that you could download that would help you to work or study smart. On the technical side,
  2. Explore technologies by yourselves. You should be able to master the art of self-learning in college. Some technologies that would be useful to explore are Google APIs, Git, and Bootstrap. A great resource is to sign-up for Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) like or Udacity. Yet still, don’t rush on learning all these things. Learn at your own phase or most probably…
  3. Have buddies in everything. You should always remember the acronym HSH or Help and Seek Help. You should always have a buddy in everything you do – a buddy whom you could work together with. He or she could be a review buddy, Bible study buddy, or lunch buddy. In fact, there is no limitation on this. You could also be in trio! Just choose people whom you are comfortable sharing the experience with. With this, you learn together. I could be your out-of-school buddy too! A good way to gain more buddies is to…
  4. Create a “baby” app or “baby” blog – when I say “baby”, this doesn’t technically mean you have to create an app or blog for babies. Create an app that you could publicly claim and maintain your own. This is something done not only for academic requirements sake but for a specific purpose of helping you or any other person. You could create an app that would help you on your studies or on your everyday routine. Guide questions include:
    • What sort of tasks do you do regularly? (Side note: Google uses the toothbrush test for their apps and acquisitions)
    • Will this help me or other people thus creating value in them?
    • Will this, in the future, be profitable?

    It’s also a good motivation to align your apps to what Google believes in – creating cool stuffs that matter! So, try to…

  5. Discover something non-IT. This could be a hobby or any field you are interested in including activities like hiking, reading books, and sketching. This would refuel your studying habit. Have you tried watching TED Talks? If something is really new to you…
  6. Fail, fail, and fail. This does not apply in your academic standing though. People would better appreciate you if you’re honest with your mistakes. Still, be humble enough to learn that you commit a mistake. Share them with others, so that they won’t commit the same mistake again. And…
  7. If you have an idea, share them with others. This would cultivate a culture of sharing within your pool of friends. You might want to share your app idea and who knows they might be able to help you put your ideas into action. It’s also a good practice to take note of your ideas. Most of the times, they quickly pass your minds that you won’t be able to remember them when you need them most. Sharing ideas would enable you to…
  8. Get to know people. I have observed so many students who are often constrained on their core set of friends especially most programmers who are, according to several studies, often considered as introverts. As you get to know people, they would also be looking forward to follow-ups. The conversation could be very beneficial to you. So…
  9. Be someone reachable. Be participative in social media. In fact, there’s no bad thing when you share something noteworthy on the internet. In offline scenarios, be warm to talk with people – your classmates or even your instructors. And lastly,
  10. Enjoy. This is as the most important. Though there would be times that you have to be serious, all the nine suggestions above could be accomplished better by enjoying.

Your college life would be fast. You’ll surely miss bits of it when you graduate.

What do you think should be included in the list? Comment below.

This article was also published in UB-SIT Router

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