Starting @GuhitKwadrado

The boxes of Guhit Kwadrado

A little bit of background

It’s been months since the last time I thought of creating a comic strip. I even asked my friends  about the idea and I got interesting feedbacks!

Though I didn’t not have enough time to draw and conceptualize some strips. I tried making a few but have been really busy the past months so I was only able to do around 7 strips! It takes me an average of 40 minutes to do one and I only managed to do them at night before sleeping. I will share them in a few.

So I asked my self, how about drawing something that would be relatively fast to make? — like a simple snapshot of any thought worthy of sharing? So this gave me an idea of creating @GuhitKwadrado.

Thoughts drawn inside a box

The word @GuhitKwadrado came from the two Filipino words “Guhit” (draw) and “Kwadrado” (square).

What inspires me to do @GuhitKwadrado?

  • For me to share my ideas through drawings in a snap. I want it to be a fast easy process — draw, take a photo, edit and upload!
  • For me to share ironies and scenarios happening in the real world. Sometimes, I find myself unable to say something about something. So I think I could be better to just draw them.
  • The need to continue drawing. This is one of my personal reasons so I could still improve my drawing skills.
  • To have something to look forward to. I’m quite excited on what will happen to Guhit Kwadrado in the next months. It might fail, or I might not have time to do some drawings but I will have plans for sure.


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