Those were twenty-two years! Part 2

The lanky me jumping

A continuation of the self autobiography part 1.

Six (6) years in IT and programming
His space in the high school yearbook.

His space in the high school yearbook.

The initial degree that he wanted to take was architecture. The choice was influenced by his interest in art and design. Though he also wanted to take mass communication as a second choice.

He changed his mind later on and decided to pursue a computer-related course instead partly because of the promise of high job salary. His first choice for a computer-related course was Computer Science but when they were still in third year high school, one of his best friends told him to take Information Technology (IT) instead since they are almost the same.

At a young age, he considered it as a blessing to be able to know what career he wanted to pursue. He didn’t expect it to be that challenging yet it is his interest and curiosity in the field that carried him along.

He didn’t know how to write a computer program until his first programming class in first year college. He didn’t know how to build websites until he was second year in college. Since then he became curious on how computer works. He still remembers the time when he finished reading the concepts and doing the exercises in their programming textbook before the second half of the semester ends.

He humbly received an academic and leadership award when he graduated.


Three (3) years as an Earth advocate

He was not fully into environmental awareness and protection until he was convinced by his friend and college schoolmate to join the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy. Because of their project GreEntitiative, a website for tree monitoring and forest awareness, he was blessed to be one of he four representatives of the Philippines to the ten-day trip to Bayer Germany.

Until now, he still continues his career in environment and IT through his full-time work in the Philippine Business for the Environment as an IT officer.

Roughly two (2) years of being a GDG community manager
A GDG meetup is a place where local developers learn on Google Technologies.

A GDG meetup is a place where local developers learn on Google Technologies.

It was April 2012 when a Google Mapping Summit happened in University of Baguio. Wanting to form a developer community for Baguio on Google Technologies, he, together with several volunteers, organizers and supporters, formed Google Developer Group Baguio.

Realizing that it is best to learn programming at a young age, he aims bring technology to the local developers of Baguio, most specially to the students.

Two (2) years in the OSCAR Alumni Community

He’s a volunteer to the OSCAR Alumni Community, a regional chapter of the The Outstanding Students of the Philippines. For him, the OSCARs are his second family where no one boasts for their own achievements and do whatever they can for CAR and for the whole Philippines.

X years: Thankful

On those 22 years he remained thankful.

He’s thankful for the person who is reading this autobiography right now.

He’s thankful for his parents who raised him and did their best for all the support they gave.

He’s thankful for his uncle who gave him his name and for his friend “Jopet” who gave him his nickname.

He’s thankful for his school paper advisers who pushed him to practice hard in cartooning when he was still in high school.

He’s thankful for Google in bringing Google Developer Groups to the local developer community in which he belongs to.

He’s thankful for his friends who were there at his ups an downs.

He’s thankful for every person who have ever influenced, encouraged, and supported him. All together, they are the giants of his life.

Above all else, he is thankful to God for giving him the life that he needs.

X years: Hopeful

He’s hopeful that he would still attain a BMI normal status because ever since he is underweight.

He’s hopeful to be able to share whatever he have to the world because he believes that he is a product of everyone around him and it is just right to pay-it-forward.

He wrote this third person self-anecdote on the last day of his 21st year on Earth, in the hope that he would be able to inspire others and for others to know him better.

He’s hopeful for the bright future that awaits him.

X years: Learning

He always believe that learning never ends and that it only stops. He always aim to try and discover new things.


Now he is ready to tackle the 22 years and beyond!

Cartoonist since 5th grade. Leveraging tech and design for sustainability and social good. Fond of clouds, quotes, and upcycling. Your brother in Christ.


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    You’ve achieved a lot. 🙂 you are young but very goal-driven 🙂 Good luck and God bless you in your journey 🙂 You’ll be able to do greater things 🙂

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